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Training Certification

Staff training is essential for any business and no more so than in the motor repair and claims industry where its cost can be justified in better productivity returns

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Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever before

At Audatex we continue to invest in our solutions to ensure we are always providing solutions that support your everyday needs in the bodyshop. That is why we offer systems-based training courses that help our customers make the most of Audatex technology, and skills-based programmes that teach best practice in repair assessment.

Current courses

Abuntex Introductory Course (2 days)

An interactive course ideal for new users of Abuntex and those who require a refresher on the solution.

Abuntex Advanced Course (1 day)

This one-day interactive course is designed to demonstrate the most effective use of the Abuntex system and upon successful completion, provides you with Certification as proof of competency. This course is intended for existing users who have undertaken the Introductory Course.

Abuntex Administration Course (1 day)

This interactive one-day course is designed to enable delegates to understand and use the administrative functionality of the Abuntex estimating system. Abuntex is constantly evolving, and this course allows you to take a “hands on” approach to the administrative functions and gain an understanding of how to use these functions to its full potential. This course is ideal for all Administrative staff and existing Abuntex users that need to do Final Costing, Networking and Additionals.

Qapter Connect & AudaInvoice (1/2 day)

This course combines training for Qapter Connect and AudaInvoice. These integrated products work together to drive an efficient workflow which benefits the vehicle owner, work provider and panel beater.

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