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Abuntex Advanced Course

Duration: One day

One-day interactive course designed to demonstrate the most effective use of the Abuntex system

Course objectives

  • Gain or maintain Audatex Certification to demonstrate ability and level of¬†competency
  • Achieve the necessary level of competency required to create a comprehensive, method driven assessment
  • Recognise the importance of carrying out safe and appropriate assessments using recognised repair methods
  • Understand the latest Abuntex system enhancements, with the intention of upskilling your existing knowledge and taking away a new, more effective way of working

Upon successful completion, you will receive a Certification as proof of competency. This course is intended for existing users who have undertaken the Introductory Course.

Over time, without the latest training, users can forget key functionality and get into negative technical habits. For these reasons, we strongly advise our clients to attend an advanced training course every two years to learn about the new features, refresh their memories on best practice and move into more advanced features. The Audatex certification is only valid for two years. South African insurance companies and repairers insist that their assessors are up to speed and recertified every 24 months.

Many enhancements have been implemented into the Audatex system over the last 24 months. Advanced training is essential as these new features have a direct effect on the everyday use of the system, saving time and improving productivity ultimately on your bottom line.

Course format

Basic Repair Methods

Paint Modification Codes

Identification Block Codes

Paint Additional Repair Methods

Repair Modification Codes

Paintless Dent Removal (Hail)

Partial Repair Methods

Universal Calculation

Additional Repair Methods

Creation of NSP Database

Vehicle Modification Damage Capture

Billing Rules

Paint Repair Methods


Who should attend?

This course is recommended for all Abuntex users that have completed the Introductory Course in order to keep abreast of system enhancements to successfully qualify for an Abuntex Certificate.

Please note that in order for you to successfully complete this course, You MUST be proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows.


1-Day Advanced Course.

For pricing information, please contact the service desk or your Account Manager.


Courses are held at various centers around South Africa, the training team will contact you to suggest the best available venue and date.