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Solera Logo Redesign

Since its inception in 2005, Solera has been transforming how insurance and automotive professionals provide value to their customers. The technology landscape is constantly evolving with ever-growing stores of data and innovations in cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and platform integrations improving the lives of people across the globe.


Solera is expanding its scope to include solutions for vehicle dealers and fleet solutions for transportation and service companies of all sizes. By serving these industries, Solera has become the only software provider that builds the data that powers touchpoints across the entire vehicle lifecycle, using AI and machine learning to create unparalleled customer experiences.


The broadening scope of the industries we serve, the breadth and depth of data we’ve built around the vehicle lifecycle, and our rapid integration with cutting-edge technologies reflects the passion we’ve always held for the success of our customers.


Our new logo and color palette represent our core value proposition of speed and data and better identify us as a fast-moving technology company, the global leader in vehicle-data intelligence.

Rich color gradients represent the evolving, fluid nature of our technology and services while the square typeface communicates our commitment to continued stability and longevity.

As Solera continues to find innovative ways to power touchpoints across the vehicle lifecycle, our customers, employees, and shareholders can look at our symbol as a reminder of our commitment to speed, better data, and their success. Learn how we fulfill our commitment to success at