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Abuntex General FAQ

 1.    What is Salvage Code 3 & 4

As an improvement to the salvage evaluation on Abuntex we have added two new salvage codes, Permanently Demolished (Code 4) and Built up/Permanently unfit for use (Code 3). Click here for a full description. 
2.     What is accident related alignment and when is it used?

Accident related alignment is the alignment of body panels. Labour time to fit body panels is allowed for within the manufacturer’s allowable labour times. An example is where alternate/generic parts are used and requires additional labour time for fitting
3.     When are KN operations used?

KN is the same as NN

KN is the German abbreviation for Keine Nummer meaning no flat rate/operation number

NN is the English abbreviation for No Number meaning no flat rate/operation number

No Flat Rate/Operation Number – labour times stored are based, in accordance with the manufacturer, on already performed repair work for vehicles or assemblies with similar or the same design features
4.     What is, and when is “additional to main work” given?

Additional to main work is automatically generated when needed for a working procedure which is to be used in combination with, like special work

5.     Define job allowance.

Job allowance is automatically generated when needed and in some cases to be selected as in Subaru guide number 9964 – Vehicle Allocation
6.      Is pre-drilling of PDC holes in new bumpers automatically provided?

The entering of correct model options is important to the supply of the correct part. By using AudaVin that automatically identifies options like “Park Distance Control” the system will generate drilling of PDC holes when required
7.     Are there WU provided for the time to test fit panels prior to painting?

Test fitting of panels is carried out during the repair process and is included in the manufacturers allowable times